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How the DC-3 model came into being !

We got our inspiration from the classic instrument panels of the WORLD FAMOUS Douglas DC-3 aeroplane made famous over over the last 80 years, and in films such as "Raiders of the lost Arc" and flown by James Bond in the film "Quantum of Solace" !

So, apart from the renowned workhorse movement being the Seiko NH 35A and classic British vintage design, we have used the material form an original DC-3 aeroplane to make the metal tags which you see on the dial.

So for watch enthusiasts & aviation lovers we are giving people the opportunity to wear a piece of history. Each watch will be made with a metal tag in the 6 hour position made from the wing of a 1940s DC-3, with the plane identification number NC - 16007 engraved onto the tag itself !

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