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The new STROND SSC - 101 GMT is about to take off !

As mentioned in the last message, the new STROND SSC-101 GMT timepiece is about to go live on Kickstarter tomorrow evening (Thurs 7th) at 8PM London UK time!

We managed to get a panel from the under-wing air section of the world famous Concorde 101 (G-AXDN being its official registration number) This 50 year old Concorde is the fastest Concorde EVER and still holds the world speed record for a airliner and has never been beaten. So not just any old Concorde, rather world record making Concorde 101 !

As with the DC3 campaign, the 101 GMT timepiece will be limited to 1930 pieces and the serial number will be engraved onto the case back, and so the number you will end up with depends on what number backer you are, for example, if you are backer number 4 then you get serial number 0004/1930 and so on.

There will be 4 colours to choose from and each piece will come with a nato strap made from seat belt material and a vintage leather strap.

There will be 4 colours to choose from, so if you are one of those backers who like to have a low serial number, then be one of the first to back us!

Here is the link to the pre-launch page.

Use this link also, when we launch........You will still need to come back to this page on Thursday 7th in order to back us.

All the very best to you all.

Kind regards

Terrence Ray

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