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About the Stonehenge timepiece

Timepieces with soul !

A world’s first. The HENGE timepiece from STROND has the whole dial cut from the same stone used to make the WORLD FAMOUS STONEHENGE  


Our Story

The stones that form the inner ring came from the Preseli Mountains in Wales, and are protected by the “Welsh National Park Authority” 

Craig Rhos-y-felin is a rocky outcrop on the north side of the Preseli Mountains in Wales, which is designated as a RIGS (Regionally important geological and geomorphological site) site, on the basis of its geological and geomorphological interest. It is accepted by many in the archaeological community that it is the site of a quarry, used together with one at Carn Goedog, for gathering stones used at Stonehenge.


The quarry is protected and only a very small amount the of the Preseli Bluestone is allowed to be used, and we are very fortunate to be one of only a small handful of small craft cottage industries to be allowed to use the stone for our STROND timepiece .

It is fitting that we create a timepiece in order to tell the time as Stonehenge was used in part to tell the time for seasons and dates.


Here we see one of the carved rocks which lay buried for 1,000s of years.

This is a great place to add a tagline.

Archeologists are confident that this is one of two sites used for making the inner circle at Stonehenge, and they did so by a kind of rock DNA chemical testing.

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