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Meet The Team

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Terrence Ray CEO

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Watch designer Terrence Ray has been designing timepieces for a number of years and has worked in joint collaborations and designs with a number of watchmakers.


Terrence was the designer for the Aston Martin tourbillon, designed as timepiece to celebrate the release of the new Aston Martin Valkyrie super car and presented to the design director of Aston Martin himself at their headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Passionate about watches, Terrence Ray from a very early age had a keen interest in timepieces and at the age of just ten travelled half way across London on his own, taking 2 bus rides in order to purchase his first timepiece, and form that moment on Terrence became a bit of a collector of unique timepieces.


So it goes without saying that Terrence later on in life became interested in Horology and subsequently gravitated towards designing watches himself which he has done so with the launch of the STROND exclusive range.

Jane Barker

Jane Barker

Rax Renaud  Opperations Manager 

Rax majored in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, whereby he studied, mechanical design, mechanical design, and the science of metals.

One of the first roles of Rax was to cooperate with many watch brands around the world and provide them with ODM/OEM services.

Now, ever since coming onboard with Strond, Rax has applied himself to supervise the production of the watch brand. A lot of the input for the design process has been a joint process between Terrence Ray and Rax, as he has much experience in CAD , Pro/E , Photoshop Ai, C4D, and SLR photography.

Rax has a real passion for timepieces and feels that often it is all about the details, which he is keen to get right !

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