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For those wanting a authentic vintage watch strap which is a little bit special!


A gorgeous hand made 22mm leather watch strap made from from original 1940's Swiss ammo bags. Hand made by a British master leatherworker.


This strap is designed for the DC3 range and will fit any timepiece which has a 22mm lug width.  We also have one with no markings which will fit the SSC-101, the G-AXDN and any other watch in our range, or even your OWN watch as long as it has a 22mm lug width.


Please keep in mind that each piece is individually made from authentic ammo bags and so no two will be the same. There may be a difference in colour (from reddish brown to chocolate brown), and may even have some marks on the leather strap, but that what we feel makes this unique strap !


As they are hand made to order, the delivery time will typicaly be a few weeks.



STROND Genuine 1940's Ammo bag vintage strap

SKU: 0003
  • As these straps are custom made to order, we cannot accept returns.

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