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New AUTOMATIC timepiece soon to launch !

Many of you asked if we were ever going to make an AUTOMATIC Concorde inspired timepiece. Well we have been listening to what you want and are soon to launch an ALL NEW STROND AUTOMATIC timepiece. The model number for this new watch is going to be G-ADXN which as you may already know, is the official identification number of Concorde 101........................and here is a sneak-peek !

As you can see she is a nice looking piece with:

* All stainless steel case & bracelet

* Sapphire crystal glass front and back

* Real enamel dial

* 24 hour sub-dial

* Swiss BGW9 super lume hands and hour markers in cool ice blue

And of course, like the first SSC timepiece the dial tag will be made from Concorde 101 wing material.

World Record 1,450 MPH

Please message me if you would like me to notify you when we are about to go live on Kickstarter so that you can get the super early bird discount, and will be able to get a low serial numbered piece !

Resting on an actual piece of Concorde 101 material which will be used for the dial tags

I hope you guys will be able to back us on this next exciting journey !

You can request a low serial number in advance, please email me at

Kind regards to you all

Terrence Ray

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